• As it was then, so it is now

    As it was then, so it is now

  • When Greeks all over the world unite, they achieve great things

    When Greeks all over the world unite, they achieve great things

  • We stand united. For our Homeland

    We stand united. For our Homeland

  • Become a member of AVEROF II


    Greek Patriots,

    In 1910 Greece was a small and poor state with borders in Melouna, Thessaly. Its Army and Fleet were in a state of disintegration. Eleftherios Venizelos takes over the Government and in a year and a half reorganizes the Army, strengthens the Navy with modern units and especially with the battleship AVEROF, which was the most modern of the time. So, in 1912 the powerful Greek Navy, led by Admiral Kountouriotis and the battleship AVEROF, defeated the Turkish fleet in the Battle of Elli and Lemnos, besieged it in the Dardanelles, and liberated our islands of the Eastern Aegean, Agion Oros and Kavala. The Turks cannot transfer an Army to the Balkan front and so the Greek Army after the victories in Sarantaporo and Giannitsa liberates Thessaloniki.


    How did poor 1910 Greece get the battleship? In addition to the AVEROF legacy, many Greeks of the small Free Homeland, but also of the Greek community abroad, managed with their contribution to collect the required exorbitant amount.


    In a similar and perhaps more critical situation than 1910 has been our Homeland today. Especially our Navy has been neglected for the last twenty years and apart from our new submarines, the other vessels are old. We urgently need to strengthen our Navy and acquire modern Frigates. The danger from Turkey is immediate. Our islands, our seas, our EEZ and Free Cyprus are in danger. Erdogan’s Turkey has developed a strong Navy, has built new, modern vessels to dominate the Eastern Mediterranean and gradually the Aegean Sea.


    Greek Patriots, what is our duty at this critical moment? We must urgently realize the imminent danger and, as then, strengthen the Greek Navy with our contribution. To get a new AVEROF and to be able to push back Erdogan’s Turkey and remain free.


    That is why we founded the Association “Hellenic Fleet Fund – AVEROF II”, that is why we invite you to register as members or follow us as a friend and contribute to this sacred purpose. We appeal to all Greeks and Philhellenes, wherever they are, to register in the Association, to thicken its ranks and to pay their dues.


    With Patriotic Greetings,

    Prodromos Emfietzoglou

    Chairman of the Board 


    Make a Deposit at 


    Alpha Bank
    GR42 0140 1840 1840 0200 2017 692
    Swift code/BIC CRBAGRAA
    Piraeus Bank
    GR44 0172 0840 0050 8410 1854 890
    Swift code/BIC PIRBGRAA
    Pancreta Bank
    GR52 0870 0560 0003 0000 3239 447
    Swift code/BIC STPGGRAA
    Nationl Bank of Greece
    GR66 0110 7140 0000 7140 0518 883
    Swift code/BIC ETHNGRAA
    GR93 0260 0270 0003 4020 2282 847
    Swift code/BIC EFGBGRAA
    Beneficiary: “Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II”

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    Make a deposit at


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