15.01.2021 – Association Bank Accounts

We inform the members and the friends that the following bank accounts have been put into operation with the beneficiary of our Association “Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II”:

Pancretan Bank:

Account Number: 30000323944-7

IBAN: GR52 0870 0560 0003 0000 3239 447

Alpha Bank:

Account Number: 1840 0200 2017 692

IBAN: GR42 0140 1840 1840 0200 2017 692

Piraeus Bank:

Account Number: 5084 1018 54890

IBAN: GR44 0172 0840 0050 8410 1854 890

National Bank

Account Number: 714 0051 8883

IBAN: GR66 0110 7140 0000 7140 0518 883


Pursuant to the order No. 45/2020 of the Magistrate’s Court of Maroussi, the Statute for the establishment of the non-profit Association was published on 02.10.2020 under the name “Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II”, the purposes of which are:

  1. The information, activation and awareness of all Hellenism, its members and society in general, to contribute, as much as possible, to the creation of a Fund for the purchase of a contemporary frigate to donate to the Navy of the country. In addition to the maintenance, repair, modification, installation of new weapons systems in the said Frigate, later.
  2. The development of non-profit activities, to support and enhance the creation of a state navy.
  3. The creation of a “Hellenic Fleet Fund”, through contributions and donations from members and friends of the Association in Greece and abroad, in order to raise funds for the purchase of equipment of the country’s Navy.

The Association has already elected on 07.12.2020 its Board of Directors, which consists of: Prodromos Emfietzoglou, Antonios Kounadis, Periklis Nearchou, Stavros Farmakis, Emmanouil Kottaki, Anastasios Tenekoudis, Eleftherios Trivoulidis, as well as an audit committee which consists of: Aphrodite Makri, Aikaterini Kounadi, Nikolaos Papapostolou.

For the realization of one of its purposes, which is the collection of funds for the purchase of a frigate for the Navy of our Homeland, the above bank accounts have been opened where anyone interested can deposit the amount they wish.

Of course, there will be periodic information for the members and every interested party, for the amount that has been collected and relevant announcements by the Board of the Association.

The Audit Committee is responsible for controlling this amount and informing the state authorities about the usage of this funds for the above purpose.

Melissia, 15/01/2021

The Board of Directors