19.11.2020 Association Recognition Provision

(Deposit report number 45/2020)




          After receiving :

  1. a) The application from 23-10-2020 of 1) Prodromos Emfietzoglou , 2) Melina Emfietzoglou, 3) Eleftherios Trivoulidis, 4) Periklis Nearchou, 5) Dimitrios Ioannidis, 6) Ilias Anagnostopoulos, 7) Stavros Farmakis, all, residents of Attica, with who requested, as members of the temporary administration of the Association to be established, to be recognized and registered in the public register of associations in the competent Court, the Association under establishment, based in the Municipality of Melissia, under the name “Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II”, signed by their attorney Afroditi D. Makri (AM 18948), which (application) addressed before the Judge of the present Court, in the region of which is the registered address (headquarters) of the association under establishment (article 81 of the Civil Code, as replaced and ratified from 16.09.2012 under articles 1 par. 3 and 110 par. 21 of law 4055 / 2012) during the jurisdiction procedure (articles 739, 740 par. 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 787 par. 1 of the same Code and 121 of the Introductory Law to the Civil Code) and is legal, based on the provisions of articles 12 of the Constitution, 78 et seq. of the Civil Code, 19 of law 281/1914 “On Associations” which remained in force after the entry into force of the Civil Code under Article 12 of the Introductory Law to the Civil Code and Article 107 of the Introductory Law to the Civil Code, given that for the admissibility of the representation of the attorney of the applicants The receipt required for the advance payment of the lawyer’s fee (no Π2756470 / 23-10-20 promissory note) submitted by the provision of article 61 of law 4194/2013 (Government Gazette AD 208/27.09.2013 – “Lawyers Code”) was submitted at the Board of Athens),
  2. b) the minutes of founding of the association from 21-10-2020signed by all twenty-three (23) founding members and includes an additional list of members of the Temporary Administration Committee elected by its founders, 
  3. c) the list of members of its temporary administration from 21-1-2020,
  4. d) the statute of the association to be formed from 21-10-2020, which consists of twenty-nine (29) articles, which is dated, legally signed by the founding members and contains all the information provided, with penalty of invalidity, by the provision of article 80 of the Civil Code, ie the purpose, the name and registered address (headquarters) of the association, the conditions of entry, departure and expulsion of the members as well as their rights and obligations, the resources of the association, the manner of judicial and extrajudicial representation of the association as well as the conditions under which the administration is formed and operates and its functions are terminated, the conditions under which the assembly of members is convened, meets and decides, the conditions for amending the articles of association and, finally, the conditions for the dissolution of the union,
  5. e) that the purpose of the association to be established is:

1) The information and awareness of its members and the society in general on the issues related to the defense of the Homeland and in particular the construction and maintenance of ships, frigates, and equipment for the Navy of the country.

2) The development of non-profit activities, to support and enhance the creation of a state navy.

3) The creation of a “fund of the Hellenic fleet”, through contributions, and donations of members and friends of the union, to raise funds for the purchase of equipment of the country’s Navy,

which is sought by all legal and legitimate means, especially by the following methods:  

  1. a) by systematically and persistently informing its members, government agencies and society in general about issues concerning the Navy,
  2. b) by collecting the subscriptions of its members and in general the accumulation of financial resources in any legal way, for the fund of the Hellenic Fleet,

 (c) by exploiting every possibility of national and/or European development programs for the attainment of its purpose, and

  1. d) by organizing lectures, banquets, and other informative events.

Therefore, if the above documents are duly submitted in accordance with the provision of article 79 of the Civil Code and the purpose of the association (Cultural) under establishment is not profitable nor is it contrary to the applicable laws, ethics, and public order, it should be accepted. The application is well-founded and in essence and according to what is defined in article 81 par. 1 of the Civil Code, in combination with article 11 par. 2 of n.d. 4114/1960 “Code on the Legal Fund”, according to the more specific provisions of the operative part.



Accepts the request.

Orders 1) the publication of a summary of the statute of the association from 21-10-2020 with the name “Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II” based in the Municipality of Melissia, in a daily newspaper published in Athens, as well as in the Bulletin of Judicial Publications of the Fund Of Law, which (summary) should contain the essential elements thereof and 2) the registration of the above association in the public register of associations kept in the Court of First Instance of Athens, which (registration) will include the elements defined in the provision of article 81 of the Civil Code.

Orders the Registry of this Court a) to notify – certify by the Judge of this District Court – a copy of the above statute to the Prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance and b) to deposit it in the file of the Athens Court of First Instance (see Article 81 of the Civil Code, as amended) and is valid from 01.03.2012 with articles 1 par. 3, 110 par. 21 of law 4055/2012 and 1 circumstance a of law 4077/2012).

It was judged, decided, and published in Amarousion on 19/11/2020, without the presence of the applicants and their attorney.