23.10.2020 – Application for approval of the association in the Magistrate’s Court of Maroussi


Of The Association under founding procedures

Hellenic Fleet Fund – AVEROF II


Today 23.10.2020 the application for approval of the association was submitted to the Magistrate’s Court of Maroussi, accompanied by the necessary documents and received protocol number 5684/42/2020. An appeal was also made to the Justice of the Peace for the approval of the Establishment with the urgent procedure, due to the purpose and the special conditions at the present period in our Country. After the Establishment, the purpose of the Association will be its expansion throughout the world, where there is Hellenism, in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Asia, Turkey.

The founding members of the association to be founded are the following:

  1. Bischop of Kifissia, Maroussi, Oropos, etc. Cyril
  2. Anna Angelikoussi – Shipowner
  3. Katerina Kounadi – Lawyer at the Supreme Court
  4. Aphrodite Makri – Lawyer at the Supreme Court
  5. Melina Emfietzoglou – Managing Director of Michaniki Group of Companies
  6. Olympia Riga – Professor of Physical Education
  7. Antonios Kounadis – Professor of NTUA, former President of the Academy of Athens
  8. Pericles Nearchou – Ambassador
  9. Manolis Kottakis – Publisher of newspaper ESTIA
  10. Dimitrios Iliopoulos – Professor of the Medical School of the University of Athens
  11. Prodromos Emfietzoglou – Chairman of the Board Group of Michaniki Group of Companies
  12. Anastasios Tenekoudis – Member of the Board (Dean) of the Hellenic Aviation Academy
  13. Efstathios Simos – Shipbuilder / Mechanical Engineer
  14. Angelos Zacharopoulos – Director European Commission
  15. Ioannis Maragoudakis – Dr. Mechanical Engineer
  16. Nikolaos Papapostolou – Businessman
  17. Dimitrios Ioannidis – Architect Engineer
  18. Konstantinos Kafkas – Lawyer at the Supreme Court
  19. Eleftherios Trivoulidis – Authorized Consultant of Michaniki Group of Companies
  20. George Bouras – Retired Greek Police Officer
  21. Elias Anagnostopoulos – Private employee
  22. Stavros Ch. Farmakis – Private employee
  23. Sotirios Lassis – Private employee


Due to the large number of applications, after the approval of the Magistrate’s Court of Maroussi, the website of the Association will be posted, where it will be possible to submit applications to those who wish to become members. There will also be provision for a telephone application, as well as information on current issues, news and developments related to the Association.

We will also request a meeting from the Minister of National Defense and the Chief of the Military, where in addition to the briefing, we will ask them to inform us of the immediate needs of the Navy.

Following the Establishment, the 1st General Assembly of the members of the Association will take place. For the purpose of organizing the above Assembly, a temporary administrative committee was appointed, which consists of the following:

  1. Prodromos Emfietzoglou
  2. Melina Emfietzoglou
  3. Pericles Nearchu
  4. Dimitrios Ioannidis
  5. Eleftherios Trivoulidis
  6. Stavros Farmakis
  7. Elias Anagnostopoulos

Once the VAT awarding procedures are completed, bank accounts will be opened for membership fees and sponsorships. For those who are unable to make online deposits or go to the banks there will be special care.

A separate report will be made for each sponsorship, as well as at the end of each quarter a detailed table with the donors, the respective amounts and the total resources will be posted.

We thank all those who have expressed their intention to contribute and participate in the association, their support for this sacred purpose. Newer announcements will be posted soon.


The Temporary Administrating Committee of the Association under founding procedures.