23.10.2021 – USA and CANADA

The Board of Directors announces that despite the general financial hardship and adverse economic conditions due to the pandemic, it continues to raise funds to strengthen the Greek Navy. To this end, it organizes talks in the US and Canada on the activation of the Greek Diaspora. Melissia, 26/10/2021 The Board of Directors


30.08.2021 – Ανοικτή επιστολή προς τον κ. Πάιατ

Κύριε Πρέσβη,Είναι γνωστές οι ικανότητές σας τόσο από την θητεία σας στην Ουκρανία όσο και στη Χώρα μας.Όλοι αναγνωρίζουν την αξιοσύνη σας και την εργώδη προσπάθεια να υπερασπιστείτε τα Εθνικά Συμφέροντα της Χώρας σας.Αντίστοιχα ιερό χρέος έχει η Ελληνική Κυβέρνηση να προασπίζεται τα Εθνικά μας Δίκαια και Συμφέροντα.Ο Ελληνικός Λαός έχει συστρατευθεί με ...


16.04.2021 – Fear for AVEROF II

 Recently we acknowledged statements by Turkish officials and reports in the Turkish media about our attempt for AVEROF II. We have also received more than 800 malicious cyber-attacks on our website for removing it, which have been repelled by competent software.It is the duty of all Greek Patriots and Friends around the world, to help in our cause, for ...


24.04.2021 – Contact the Association

 Dear Members and friends of our Association,We inform you in the context of financial transparency and reliability, that for each payment, whether it concerns a membership fee or donation, the corresponding receipt is issued. Due to the increased volume of members and in many cases the lack of personal information in the deposit (name, address, email), ...


Member or Friend?

Do you want to be active in our Association, become a member. You just want to contribute with your donation to our fight without any obligation, become a friend.Member of the AssociationAnyone who wants can become a member of the Association, and immediately acquires rights and obligations.Membership rightsRight to participate and vote in the General A ...


Greek Patriots,

In 1910 Greece was a small and poor state with borders in Melouna, Thessaly. Its Army and Fleet were in a state of disintegration. Eleftherios Venizelos takes over the Government and in a year and a half reorganizes the Army, strengthens the Navy with modern units and especially with the battleship AVEROF, which was the most modern of the time. So, i ...


22.02.2021 – Association’s Account in EUROBANK

We inform the members and friends of the Association that the bank account in Eurobank has now been put into operation, with the following information:Eurobank:Account Number: 0026 0027 34 020 2282847Iban: GR93 0260 0270 0003 4020 2282 847Beneficiary: "Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II"  Melissia, 22/02/2021The Board of Directors Οργάνωση - Λειτ ...


“Without a homeland, neither wealth, nor fame, nor joy exist.”

"Without a homeland, neither wealth, nor fame, nor joy exist", as the great National Benefactor Iakovos Tsounis said.That is why we took the initiative to support our Navy by making the greatest possible effort, through monthly subscriptions and donations, to raise sufficient funds. We must not let any moment be wasted, being fortified, as the neighbors ...


25.01.2021 – For the Hellenism abroad

Members who have relatives or acquaintances abroad are requested to inform them about the effort and purpose of our Association, as well as to send us their details (name, address, phone, email), so that we can inform them directly about newer developments. It is reminded that the personal data remain confidential and are used for purposes that concern ...