25.01.2021 – Association’s Account at the National Bank of Greece

We inform the members and friends of the Association that the account of the National Bank of Greece has now been put into operation:National Bank:Account Number: 71400518883Iban: GR66 0110 7140 0000 7140 0518 883Beneficiary: "Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II"  Melissia, 25/01/2021The Board of Directors Οργάνωση - Λειτουργία - Έργο


19.01.2021 – Thanks to the companies Basis & Basis and NetStudio

The Board would like to thank the companies Basis & Basis and NetStudio for the Patriotism that they showed and created without charge and profits in honor of the Association, the former the logo, which we use in all our publications and is our trademark, and the latter our website www. averof2.gr, in which all the necessary information is posted.Me ...


19.01.2021 – Thanks to the newspapers DEAL NEWS and ESTIA

The Board of the Association would like to thank the newspaper DEAL NEWS and its publisher Mr. Pavlos Dimitriadis, as well as the newspaper ESTIA and its publisher Mr. Manolis Kottakis, for the sensitivity and patriotism they showed for the non-profitable contribution of our Association in their newspapers. Melissia, 19/01/2021The Board of Directors


18.01.2021 – Congratulations to Mr. Theofilos Ioannidis

The Board would like to congratulate and thank the member Mr. Theofilos Ioannidis, who during this period, spread in Macedonia the message and purpose of our Association and informed many Patriots and friends of Greece, to enroll in its ranks. In addition, Mr. Ioannidis continues to work tirelessly for the dissemination of our goals in the Hellenism of ...


15.01.2021 – Association Bank Accounts

We inform the members and the friends that the following bank accounts have been put into operation with the beneficiary of our Association "Hellenic Fleet Fund AVEROF II":Pancretan Bank:Account Number: 30000323944-7IBAN: GR52 0870 0560 0003 0000 3239 447Alpha Bank:Account Number: 1840 0200 2017 692IBAN: GR42 0140 1840 1840 0200 2017 692Piraeus Bank:Acc ...


11.01.2021 – 5.248 New Members

We are pleased and honored to announce that the Board of the Association approved with its current decision the registrations of 5,248 new members, who wish to contribute with to the purpose that our Association represents.Including the founding members, the total number of members now amounts to 5,271.Indicatively, we mention locations from which our n ...