Member or Friend?

Do you want to be active in our Association, become a member. 

You just want to contribute with your donation to our fight without any obligation, become a friend.

Member of the Association

Anyone who wants can become a member of the Association, and immediately acquires rights and obligations.

Membership rights

Right to participate and vote in the General Assembly Right of candidacy and election to the Board of Directors of the Association

Immediate information on the developments of the Association

Right to participate in events organized by the Association

Membership Obligations 

The members of the Association must pay to the Fund of the association a) a lump sum of one hundred (100) euros for the right to register and b) a monthly contribution of five (5) euros. These amounts may be changed by decision of the General Meeting.


Friend of the Association

Anyone can become a friend in the Association, contributing to the sacred purpose simply with his/her donation, without having any further obligation.


In any case, it is important for all Greeks around the globe to understand that we must unite and work hard for a certain purpose, the good our Homeland.